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C'mon we all know you like to shop, like a lot. It's cool we all do it, but now you can do it and help the library. Whaaat? I know right, you can shop and for nothing extra you can help the library. 

We are working on getting registered at many of your favorite stores to have your purchasing rewards directed to the library. Want that new purse from Coach? Are you placing the usual 3 orders today from Amazon? Feel good about your purchases when you select the library as your charity...I mean you have to get that purse now, it's to help charity, right?

If you shop somewhere that offers these rewards and you don't see the library in their list of charities, please let us know. We would love to get signed up!

Current Rewards Programs

Click on the Amazon Smile Rewards Box, or go to and select the library as your charity.

For the month of February Coach Outlet is giving 5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice.


Now is the time to get your new purse, jewelry, tote, wallet, umbrella, or like me some new rainboots.


At checkout you can select your charity, just search for and select the Papasian Library and that is all you have to do. On the fence about a purchase, remember not only do you need that item but you are helping charity.

Rewards Programs...coming soon

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