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You Are Special

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What Color You Are!

Welcome to Olive's Corner!

About Olive

I am an 9 year old growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I spend my days helping with the library, telling people about the library, reading to my class my favorite books from the library, speaking at rally's, and generally trying to educate others on racism, discrimination, bullying, kindness, and equality. I am an advocate and ally for all members of my community. 

At the end of her 2nd grade school year Olive had the honor to join her school counselor and a couple of 5th grade girls going into the classrooms and discussing cultural diversity. Olive had written a book in class about kindness, inclusion, and acceptance. During her cultural diversity classroom sessions, Olive had an opportunity to read the book she wrote to the students.

As a youth ambassador for the library, I help select reading materials and fun items (like pins, patches, flags, stickers, pencils) for the library, I help make specialty coloring books, and I tell everyone I can about the library and encourage them to visit. I am also a member of the Women of Warren, a leadership group of women who try to make our city a better place for women to work, live, and thrive. 

About Olive's Corner

At the age of 6, Olive attended a #StopAsianHate rally. At the rally, Olive was so moved by the speakers that she asked to go on stage and speak. Olive's mom kept asking her what she was going to say. To that she responded "don't worry mom, I've got this". She sure did, she took the stage along side her brother who was holding the sign Olive made for the rally, and spoke her heart out. 

Since the rally, Olive has read to her class and her Girl Scout troop, but that just wasn't enough for Olive, she wants to do more. To provide Olive with a platform to read books to others and share her thoughts on being a better person, Olive's Corner was created. 

You can watch Olive's videos here, or go to her YouTube channel and check out more Olive Presley's Fight for Your Rights Equality Spot.

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Olive Speaks
Videos of Olive reading and discussing books, conducting interviews with people who have made contributions to our community, and ways she has or you could contribute to your community.

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